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McCormick Place
2301 S Indiana Ave, Chicago, IL 60616
Freeman-Chicago-Detroit-McCook - 8201 W 47th St, McCook, IL 60525

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Wednesday, 05/22/2019
Friday, 06/14/2019

Marshaling Yard

3050 S Moe Dr, Chicago, IL 60616


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Certified Weight Tickets

Require Certified Weight Tickets

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Liftgate Required
Inside Pickup

Additional Carrier Services

Notify Before Delivery
Air-ride Tractor/Trailer
Excess Liability
Pallet Jack
Full Clearance Doors
Beams, Straps, Blankets, Dollys
Hand truck
Protect from Freezing
Driver Assist


If left unchecked, an inventory can still be added later

Extra Stops

If items are to be picked up and delivered from the same location, add a separate stop for each pickup and delivery with the same address.


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